What you need to prepare your practice

After a few years of very high values being achieved for all types of practices, we are now seeing more commercially realistic prices being offered by the corporates as they go through a period of consolidation. However, high values can still be obtained for the right type of practice, if they are presented well and in a professional manner. Getting the right price and terms takes both a knowledge and experience of the market. The VBA provides an algorithm that allows you to calculate a Goodwill range for your practice. If you wish to obtain further information on this contact us in confidence.

Advice on preparing for the sale

1. Ensure your year end accounts have been completed

2. Produce some Managements accounts

3. Produce a professional Sales memorandum utilising the VBA valuation report as a basis

4. Produce a short Flyer

5. Select a good commercial lawyer

6. Start marketing your practice

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