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Trading Names

The VBA and VetBiz are trading names of the Malcolm Wright BVMS.MRCVS.
Vetpracticevalues.com is an algorithm owned by Malcolm Wright


The VBA operates as an information service in the valuation of veterinary practice goodwill values by utilising its algorithm VetBiz


.The client inputs the required information via the website, which uses the algorithm to calculate a valuation range of the goodwill based upon that information. Once payment has been made this will be sent automatically via email to the client. Our valuation estimates are based on our experience of achieved sales of veterinary practices to corporate buyers. The value produced relates to the potential goodwill value only, and adjustments must be made to arrive at a share value or asset value from the final balance sheet. As a rule, goodwill is the most significant value in the company’s assets. .

Material on the websites

All material on these sites are protected by international copyright. You must request permission from thevba.com before using any, content from this site, including but not restricted to:

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a. The material can only be accessed and used for personal use and must not be used commercially or for commercial gain without the written permission of The VBA.
b. The content and material may not be modified in any way.
c. None of the site may be copied or distributed without the written permission of The VBA.
d. If you wish to use or reproduce parts of the thevba.com please contact us by email to apply for permission to do so.
e. All copyrighted and other intellectual property rights (including specifically written software scripts and intellectual rights is the copyright © 2018 of The VBA.
f. All material on this website (including without limitation photographs and graphical images) are owned or leased by The VBA. All rights reserved.
g. The VBA.com website information is believed to be correct at the time of going online. All trademarks are acknowledged as the property of their respective owners.

Legal Disclaimer

1.All advice and/or information given on the websites or received via email reports must only be used as general guidance. The VBA is not responsible for any financial decisions made based upon the information on the websites or on any report created via the website. As the information given should only be used for general guidance, the VBA cannot be held responsible for any financial implications or losses that may occur due to decisions made by the viewer using this information.

2.The VBA allows potential clients to use the VetBiz algorithm to give an estimate of the value of their veterinary practice goodwill. The values are based upon limited information supplied by the client using the website. We (thevba) do not visit the practice or investigate/analyse any accounts from the practice and as such can only produce estimates for the value of the practice on the information given which should be used for guidance only and professional advice should be taken before making any decisions based upon these values. Our valuation estimates are based upon our experience of achieved sales of veterinary practices to corporate buyers. All values produced relates to the goodwill value and adjustments will need to be made to arrive at a share or asset value.

AVAILABILITY OF WEBSITES We will attempt to maintain the accessibility of the websites 24 hours per day but cannot be held responsible if it is unavailable for any time. We accept no responsibility or liability for any interruption or delay or its consequences.


1.Limitation of liability: We will provide services as outlined in the Terms of Engagement with reasonable care and skill using our algorithm. Our liability to you is limited to losses, damages, costs and expenses caused by our negligence or wilful default. However, to the fullest extent permitted by law, we will not be responsible for any losses, etc, where you or others supply incorrect or incomplete information, or fail to supply any appropriate information or where you fail to act on our advice Our work is not, unless there is a legal or regulatory requirement, to be made available to third parties without our written permission and we will accept no responsibility to third parties for any aspect of our professional services or work that is made available to them.In the event of any claim for loss or damage arising from our services, you have agreed that a sum equal to total total fee paid for the VetBiz value reports received is the maximum total liability to you in this respect This maximum total liability applies to any and all claims made on any basis and therefore includes any claims in respect of breaches of contract, (including negligence) or otherwise in respect of the professional services and shall also include interest.

2.Confidentiality: Unless we are authorised by you to disclose information on your behalf, we confirm that where you give us confidential information we shall at all times during and after this engagement keep it confidential, except as required by law, by our insurers or as provided for in regulatory, ethical, or other professional pronouncements or as part of an external peer review applicable to us or our engagement. This undertaking will apply during and after this engagement. We do however utilise certain information from the reports (as unnamed sources ) given to our clients to produce average figures for publication on our websites. eg `average sales per vet etc

3.Conflicts of interest: We will inform you if we become aware of any conflict of interest in our relationship with you or in our relationship with you.

4. While The Veterinary Business Agency endeavours to ensure that the information on its websites are correct we cannot warrant the accuracy of all of the material on the website. We reserve the right to make changes to the material on these websites, without giving notice. If any material or matter on a website is out of date. The VBA makes no commitment to update such material. No responsibility can be taken by the publishers for any omissions or misstatements, or the consequences arising therefrom. All advice and statements given is for information only and readers must satisfy themselves to the accuracy of any such advice or statements. You must not rely on any statement we have published on www.thevba.com/ www.Vetpracticevalues.com &.co.uk without first taking specialist professional advice. Nothing in the material is provided for any specific purpose or at the request of any particular person and is not for specific advice.

5.The Veterinary Business Agency will not be liable for any loss caused as a result of your doing, or not doing, anything as a result of viewing or, reading the material or any part of it published on the site.

6.You must indemnify and hold harmless us, employees, agents, vendors, advertisers, partners and suppliers and keep them indemnified against all loss, actions, proceedings, costs, expenses (including legal fees), claims and damages arising from your Access to and use of this Site, any breach or violation of the Terms of Use of this Site or your violation of any law or your violation of the rights of any third party.

7. We cannot offer any warranty of any kind concerning thevba.com and other sites or the material held within it. In particular, we do not warrant that www.thevba.com/ www.Vetpracticevalues.com &.co.uk any of their contents are virus free and therefore it is your responsibility to ensure you are protected by adequate antivirus and anti-spyware software.


This legal notice shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English law and the parties agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.By reading these terms in our legal notice you accept our Terms and Conditions in this agreement.We recommend you print a copy of these Terms of Use for your future reference.

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